Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A. How does QBOP identify website visitors?

    QBOP identifies visitors in three ways:

    1. Through IP addresses.
      We provide a service that identifies 15-20% of your traffic based on their IP address.
    2. Through email.
      Our system allows you to identify your website traffic through email communications that are sent. QBOP even integrates with most emailing programs like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and alike.
    3. Through real-time tagging.
      Since QBOP is a real-time system, you can tag users on the fly in order to obtain their identities and user statistics.

    To see how easy this is and to understand it better, sign up for a free 5 minute demo.

  2. B. Are there any special installation or hosting requirements?

    All you need to do is sign up to receive your QBOP code and place it on the pages of your website that you want to track (or have your website management company do it for you). You can host your website anywhere, with any hosting company.

  3. C. How quickly can I get started?

    You can get up and running in minutes. You don't even have to pay right away as you can try our fully featured service entirely for free for 30 days so you can see your website visitors for yourself.

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